GA4 Course Winners

Master GA4 Step By Step

On Friday, I sent an email with the list of last week’s winners of the GA4 for Beginners course.

If you are one of the winners, please email me as soon as possible. The last day to claim the course is April 30th.

If you are not a winner, don’t worry there will be new winners announced each week. Stay tuned. You can increase your odds of winning by recommending this newsletter to others. In this week’s random drawing, I will give an additional entry to you for each of your recommendations.

GA4 For Beginners Course Winners

Free Course Winners

  • jonathandwss

  • raselday20

  • twinklegupta797

  • annicajnsson

  • abedin.chisty

  • manojcmanoj647

  • wang.pohsiang1115

95% Off Course Winners

  • fniculae

  • vanormelingencarl

  • mimmli

  • vojkovicilija

  • hoducninh

  • projects.serena

  • bipin.patel

  • kumarravi2104

  • marcioipro

  • sasa.cordas

75% Off Course Winners

  • zaga.anna80

  • boya.venu

  • rkaur@bank

  • uarif786786

  • georgef1600

  • zuzana.lachnitova

  • hadi112233

  • nicoschumann

  • kostas@ves

  • cconley.4875

New winners will be announced in the next newsletter.

Thank you,
Anil Batra