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Why Don’t I see Event Parameter Values in GA4

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“Why don’t I see event parameter values in GA4?” is a question that I get quite often.

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When you add an event paramater then you have two options to name them

  1. Use the same name as an existing GA4 paramater to send the value.

  2. Use a custom name for the paramater.

Let’s take an example.

Say I want to send the text of the link the users clicked on a particular page/section. In that case, I have two options

  1. I can use link_text as the paramater. This parameter already exists in GA4 and is used for “Outbound” clicks or “External Link” tracking.

  2. I can create a new paramater and call it internal_link_text.

Either solution will work.

If I use an existing event_paramater then GA4 will store all the values in a predefined dimension that GA4 has created for that parameter. In our example below the values of the “link_text” event paramater can be found in the “Link Text” dimension.

However, if I use a custom event paramater then those won’t values won’t automatically be stored in a dimension in GA4 and hence won’t be available in the GA4 interface. To see those values in GA4, I will have to create a Custom Dimension that will store the values passed via the custom event paramater. To create a custom dimension follow the steps below:

How to Create Custom Dimension

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics and click Admin.

  2. Click Custom Definitions> Custom dimensions.

  3. Click the Create Custom Dimension button.

  4. Enter a Name and Scope for the dimension.

  5. Click Create.

That’s all.

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